Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This home page ( (hereafter referred to as "this site") of Metal Heat Treatment School is administered by Metal Heat Co., Ltd.
This site is committed to complying with the regulations regarding the protection of personal information and will take the following steps to ensure that the collection, use and storage of personal information is properly administered.

1. About the collection of personal information

From the users of this site, Metal Heat Co., Ltd. collects personal information (name, address, organization, telephone number, email address, etc.) within the scope of administration purpose.

2. About the use and disclosure of personal information

The personal information provided will be used or disclosed only for the administrative purpose.

3. About the storage of personal information

All necessary measures will be taken to ensure that the collected personal information is protected from leak, loss and abuse.

4. Inquiry on personal information

To inquire on this site, please contact below.

Contact information
TEL: +81-566-98-2501
Metal Heat Co., Ltd.
5-3-6 Toei-cho, Anjo-city, Aichi Prefecture, 446-0007, JAPAN

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