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Vocational school of metal heat treatmentVocational school of metal heat treatment
Learn in a classroom, learn by practicing, and learn how to manage. Metal Heat Treatment School has various curricula to match the experience and knowledge of students.
Career professionals of heat treatment teach extensive lessons in a small group with hands-on experiences. To help balance between work and school, the school holds classes at night and on Saturdays as well. We provide comprehensive support for students to gain the knowledge of metal heat treatment.

Background of the establishment

We have been in the business of metal heat treatment since 1973 and have received many requests from customers saying, "I want to learn about heat treatment." In the past, we had temporary lectures and workshops in various locations on a regular basis. For beginners and young engineers, however, heat treatment has been a difficult field to get the hang of. Also the number of engineers are declining every year, and we wanted to send out into the world new engineers with the skill of heat treatment, a base technology of manufacturing. For this reason, we have established Metal Heat Treatment School, a vocational school of metal heat treatment that is "beginner friendly" and uses "hands-on" teaching methods.
Voices of customers
Shown below are some examples of comments we have received from about 200 companies in response to the questionnaire we conducted before establishing the Metal Heat Treatment School.
Company A / Sometimes users ask me about things like hardness and dimensional change through heat treatment, so an opportunity to learn the basics would be helpful. Company B / My company recommends external training sessions but it's been difficult because of the lack of manpower and compensatory holidays. Company C / I only have knowledge of heat treatment, but I've never seen or experienced it. So, I want to try it.
As such, we have received many eager voices "to learn about metal heat treatment" from various sectors and industries.

Metal Heat Treatment School

Meatal Heat Treatment School